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Miyouki Jego

Studio Director


As a young girl, in love with the idea of ballet, Miyouki Jego stood frozen in the doorway of her first ballet class. The little five year old quietly wept in the corner of the studio, intently observing but far
too intimidated to actively participate. Several weeks passed. One day the director of the studio called Miyouki and her mother into her office, sat in front of the fledging student and asked directly, "Do you want to dance?". Young Jego finally raised her head to look directly into the eyes of her interrogator and confidently replied, "yes". From that moment on Jego has not stopped dancing. She is now the owner and director of Sea Island Ballet Studios Inc. 


Having had extensive professional training in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, Ms. Jego always had a desire to teach. Following her dreams, she has looked to the likes of Hanne Livingstone, David Adams, Terri-Lynne Banfield, Sheila Kennedy and many other accomplished professionals for mentorship. She has now been teaching for over 20 years. Miyouki Jego is a certified Cecchetti instructor. She continues to develop her career worldwide particularly in the Cecchetti method of ballet, with the internationally accredited Cecchetti Society. Not limited to ballet, Ms. Jego has also been trained in various disciplines of dance including tap, jazz, modern, musical theatre, lyrical and flamenco.


Ballet can be very intimidating, as Ms. Jego herself can attest, but here at Sea Island Ballet our focus is
to welcome all dreamers who are prepared to work hard to make those dreams come true.

Quality Instruction for Every Level

Sea Island Ballet Studios Inc. provides professional training in a positive and supportive community-based environment. We believe that in order to fully support the dancer, we must consider their training wholistically. Our youth have benefitted from our program by accomplishing excellent academic achievements. Ballet teaches you more than movement: It teaches you how to persevere, develop a growth mindset and strengthens resilience.


Many of our adults seek out our classes due to our unique approach, which helps foster a supportive, community-based program. If you want to learn or return to the art of dance, or take it to the stage, you'll love it here at Sea Island Ballet Studios.


For more information about the benefits of incorporating dance into your life, click here.


With years of exceptional training and a passion for sharing the art of dance, Director Miyouki Jego empowers her students to grow through individualized instruction and attention.