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Kids Classes

Experience these fun and innovative classes taught by certified professionals.

Our classes range from 4-12 years of age. We have creative movement classes for those little dancers wanting to experience dance in a creative and fun learning environment. 


Traditional ballet classes are offered for those wanting to take their ballet training more seriously. There are opportunities for our young dancers to perform on stage or to take their training further into exams. 


Check out our schedule for classes that suit your dancer's needs. Or contact us for more information by clicking on the tab below.



Adult Classes

Ages 19-100+, All dancers with all dance experience welcome!


Cecchetti Ballet Technique :

Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner

All classes are based on learning the Cecchetti method through exercises executed at the barre and in the centre. Development of strength and musicality, while maintaining proper posture, is our emphasis. Set combinations will have you moving with grace and ease, while increasing balance and mental acuity.




Pre-pointe, Pointe:

Those who are working towards being in pointe shoes will take the pointe class as a preparation class. For safety reasons, the instructor will monitor the progress of each student individually. Pointe shoes are required only on the instructor's recommendation.

Lyrical / Jazz: 

These classes offer an alternative to the classical dance. In this class you will learn rhythm, flexibilty, artistic style, combinations, and fortify your strength. 

Dance Fit:

This is a high-energy, fun-filled class with short, choreographed combinations to music influenced from around the world. This class guarantees to elevate your heart rate, strength, and improve flexibilty.


All participants must fill out a waiver form and submit it with registration prior to the start of classes.


Youth Classes

We offer Cecchetti Technique classes as well as Open classes, Pointe, and Pre-Pointe for the youth ballet classes. Our dancers are expected to take their training seriously to be successful in their craft and to be able to gain a sense of confidence that only comes with that great feeling of accomplishment. Youth are also encouraged to perform as this is what a dancer trains for. 

Pointe is by invitation only. Please ask your instructor if you are ready to start attending pointe classes. Must be at least 12 years old by September 30th, 2019. Must provide a doctor's note before the instructor can consider putting the student on pointe as this ensures the safety of the student.


Sea Island Dance Company (SIDCo.)

A performance group by invitation only. A supportive, growth-oriented, intergenerational dance company who share their love of dance with audiences through choreography by award winning director Miyouki Jego.

Call or email for more information on how to become a part of this dynamic group.

Adult members must have at least 3 years of recent dance experience.

All youth company members are required to take at least two ballet technique classes per week. All adult company members are required to take at least one ballet technique class per week. 

*Please note classes may be cancelled or combined dependent on registration. Classes subject to change without notice.  

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